University of Bangor – What Sizewell C will mean for us

The UK’s nuclear energy future pivots upon the decisions made to build large, modern nuclear stations in the near future. Sizewell C (like Wylfa Newydd) is necessary to ensure the UK meets its net zero 2050 challenge and enables future new builds, both gigawatt scale and smaller.

The Nuclear Futures Institute’s research spans light-water reactors (such as the EPR), through Small Modular Reactors, Advanced Modular Reactors to fusion and nuclear medicine systems and as such, the investment in Sizewell C will amplify our efforts in current and future technologies.

The experience of building modern nuclear stations will also benefit future advanced nuclear design and build, accelerating the roll-out of important technologies. Advances in materials, fuel cycle management and licensing will also level up our research in North Wales, ensuring long-lasting collaborations across the UK.

The Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University was initiated in late 2017 to run over 5 years to rapidly grow a nuclear science and engineering capability in the region, working with large and small companies nearby to ensure the new-build programmes are well supported across the sector. In its short history, new laboratory facilities have been put in place to work with uranium compounds, advanced materials for accident tolerant fuels and advanced wasteforms. A swathe of research projects have been initiated with industry partners and the team in North Wales continues to grow.

Through our Centre for Doctoral training, graduate and undergraduate programmes, we would like to support Sizewell C and other future nuclear new-build projects through the training of new engineers and scientists.


William Hare’s Risca Fabrication Facility – Creating Sustained Local Value

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