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JUNE 2020

HPC Update Webinar with Nick Golding -16/06/2020

Nick hosted an HPC update webinar and for those of you who couldn’t attend, I summarised the highlights.

He said SWMAS will continue to support businesses to March 2021 and possibly beyond as part of the Nuclear Sector Deal in conjunction with AMRC.

The programme has moved online due to Coivd-19 and their advisors are happy to meet via on-line meeting platforms.

The focus for the next year will be on Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC opportunities and they are looking to define specific working groups in order to combine skills and supply chain support.

SWMAS support has now expanded to other nuclear opportunities:

  • Fusion
  • Defence
  • Decommissioning
  • Research and Development
  • Offshore Wind
  • Tidal

There are also additional MEH opportunities: (with Bilfinger) (MEH is the partnership of HPC and all Tier One Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC Contractors).

  • Acoustic Modelling
  • Cladding for MEH Buildings
  • Welded Supports
  • Trace Heat Treatment
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Telephone Exchange -old style
  • RCC-M Welded Structures and Tanks

There are currently some supply chain challenges but that could open up opportunity to UK suppliers:

  • Italy – forgings/specialist production machinery
  • Spain – large tanks/pressure vessels
  • China – inspection/qualification services

How we are changing the support to help your business

Companies will be supported to understand and make changes to the business to both survive and grow as a result of Covid-19. This will involve a specialist advisor working with the company utilising webianrs, remote technology and systems as well as new innovative approaches.

The company will have an action plan on the back each review which will help to identify areas for cost saving in the business as well as areas to try and capitalise on for growth.

Wider Nuclear Opportunities 


Register to receive Tenders from the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)


SWMAS are working on STEP programme to support a South West bid for location of Fusion Technology Centre

EPR Technical Centre being established at Aztec West, Bristol

White Paper expected around Q3 this year which would unlock further UK opportunities on other Nuclear Licensed Sites linked to both Large Scale and Small Scale Nuclear New Build.

Nuclear Sector Deal Capability Mapping

There is on-going work to create a UK cluster map for nuclear – as part of the Nuclear Sector Deal.

The responses to the questionnaire from the South West and Wales were poor. The North West was very well represented.

The questionnaire will be resent and it is important that companies complete it in order to promote our region and ensure that we are represented.





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