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The Importance of Engineering

#NetZeroNeedsNuclear WNF INDUSTRY NEWS Wales Nuclear Forum: Industry News, keeping you informed of important updates and informative information in the sector. NOVEMBER 2020 PREVIOUS Degree

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Degree Apprenticeships

#NetZeroNeedsNuclear WNF INDUSTRY NEWS Wales Nuclear Forum: Industry News, keeping you informed of important updates and informative information in the sector. NOVEMBER 2020 Find out

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Wylfa Update: 01/10/2020

#NetZeroNeedsNuclear WNF INDUSTRY NEWS Wales Nuclear Forum: Industry News, keeping you informed of important updates and informative information in the sector. OCTOBER 2020 Wylfa Update:

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Nuclear Power: Are we too anxious about the risk of radiation

This week, Boris Johnson restated the UK government’s commitment to nuclear power. But of six sites identified for replacements for the country’s ageing nuclear reactors, three have now been abandoned, two are waiting approval and just one is under construction. So is it time to reassess our attitude to nuclear power?

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New President & Chair appointed for WNF

Following on from a successful year in 2019 the Wales Nuclear Forum (WNF) has continued to grow in recognition across the nuclear and energy industry. And, while 2020 has brought many unforeseen challenges, that have impacted our members in lots of different ways, there are still many opportunities for Welsh businesses across nuclear and energy projects throughout the UK and overseas. As a team, we are determined to continue to support our members to win work in these sectors and to prosper.

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Update for Sellafield Supply Chain

Following the government publication of PPN 04/20 that replaces the previous Procurement Policy Note (PPN 02/20), we remain committed to playing our part in supporting our supply chain to ensure that our suppliers remain sustainable.

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Nuclear Bursary Now Open

The Covid-19 pandemic is a major challenge for employers and employees across the UK nuclear industry. This unprecedented situation has led to some people being affected by furlough or redundancy, as companies make difficult decisions to minimise their risks to business continuity.

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Return to work guide – Covid-19

on 7 April, the Welsh Government extended the duty under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (wales) Regulations 2020 (“the Regulations”) to take all reasonable measures to ensure two metre distancing (“physical distancing”) to all businesses and work settings in Wales.

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Welsh Government Resilience Fund

Applications opened today for the Welsh Government Resilience Fund – support is available for a wide range of businesses, please check your own business eligibility using the link below, which will then take you to the application form. There will likely be high demand so please do not delay.

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Swansea University – Project METal

During the COVID-19 crisis, Swansea University’s, Project METaL is committed to ensuring that we continue to support the Welsh manufacturing industry. METaL will continue to offer upskilling and CPD opportunities whilst adapting to a situation which finds many Welsh businesses working from home.

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Call for support on masks, visors & other key equipment

To All Wales Nuclear Forum Members,

I appreciate that you are receiving many call outs for help on various subjects.

We (WG, Life Science Hub, Industry Wales) are working together with NHS Wales SSP to support the supply chain for various equipment needs for both Health, Care and other front line workers. We fully acknowledge you are already doing this but hope this can help you/us in the following ways :

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An open letter from Wyn Roberts, Head of Nuclear

Dear Member,

I write to you to try and reassure you as Welsh Nuclear Forum members that the Welsh Government is working hard to put in place a series of measures to complement and add value to those put forwards by the UK Government to support business during this unprecedented time of uncertainty generated by the Covid19 crisis.

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Welding of Steam Pipe in Nuclear Application

The planned surge in new electricity power generation plant and refits across the world brings with it a demand for improvements in welding technology. This demand will be met by innovative developments in welding equipment to ensure consistently better quality joints, many of which are in the safety critical class.

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VESSCO Engineering – Tier 2 sSupplier to HPC

Vessco Engineering started approaching EDF, Alstom Power Systems and Rolls-Royce in 2010 just as the UK Government was contemplating a resurgence of new build activity in the new build nuclear sector. This culminated in civil nuclear approved supplier status for both Alstom and Rolls-Royce in 2012.

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Map Showing Nuclear Power Stations in the UK

The United Kingdom is a pioneer of nuclear technologies and opened the world’s first commercial nuclear power station in 1956, at Calder Hall near Sellafield in Cumbria. Nuclear power has delivered great benefits: it has supported national defence, generated electricity for more than 60 years and our country remains a world-leading nuclear enterprise.

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