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Wales Nuclear Forum (WNF) sign MoU with the Nuclear Industries Association (NiA)

WNF are delighted to announce that at a recent NiA Group Meeting, held in Bristol on 21 July, the WNF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NiA.

This agreement means both organisations will be sharing goals and maximising synergies to attract, maintain and develop the nuclear sector in Wales.

The NiA has a wealth of experience, contacts and information to be able to offer a great deal of support to WNF activities.

The WNF is hoping to present a ‘Wales Nuclear Showcase’ in Spring 2022 – a first of its kind event in Wales –this will be supported by NiA potentially hosting Day 2 of the event.


Photo shows Tom Greatrex, CEO NiA with Jason Thomas, Director and Chair of WNF.

Welsh Government: Canadian Nuclear Virtual Mission

26/01/2021 – 29/01/2021

Canada has long embraced the benefits of nuclear power. It has scheduled refurbishment works due on its current fleet of reactors, decommissioning of plants and is also developing Small Modular Reactor technology.

The value of planned 15-year refurbishment programme is around £14billion allied to this, their SMR programme is estimated to be potentially worth £3.5bn up to 2040.

WNF Webinar, December 2020: International Opportunities

WNF’s final webinar of 2020!

Thank you to all who attended. Some really good information shared by our speakers.

WNF members can access these webinar resources in the Member Zone.

WNF 2020: Corporate Video

WNF Webinar, October 2020: Nuclear New Build

Fantastic members webinar this morning on the subject of new nuclear build.

Thank you to everyone that joined and to our host and key speakers.

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WNF Webinar, August 2020: Decommissioning

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the members webinar. Fantastic presentations from Angharad RaynerJonathan Jenkin and Paul Walsh BA(Hons) MCIPS on NDA Strategy and business opportunities following the news last week that Trawsfynydd will be the lead site for decommissioning.

WNF Webinar, June 2020: Re-connecting

A successful members webinar from the WNF

Thank you to everyone that joined and to all of our speakers.

Santander, SPAIN 2019: WNF signing the MoU with CINC

Swansea Event, December 2019: Energy Showcase

The first of its kind for Wales, ‘The Energy Showcase’ is a must for any organisation interested in doing business in the energy sector in UK, Europe and beyond.

Hosted by WNF in partnership with Swansea University and in collaboration with Welsh Government, the event will address the scale of the opportunity, showcase what Welsh SME businesses have to offer and present real commercial opportunities available now.


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