Tuesday – Friday

Jan 26th - 29th 2021

Welsh Government: Canadian Nuclear Virtual Mission

Canada has long embraced the benefits of nuclear power. It has scheduled refurbishment works due on its current fleet of reactors, decommissioning of plants and is also developing Small Modular Reactor technology.

The value of planned 15-year refurbishment programme is around £14billion allied to this, their SMR programme is estimated to be potentially worth £3.5bn up to 2040.

Deadline for applications is Thursday 3rd December 2020 and you will receive confirmation within 5 working days thereafter.


Tuesday – Thursday

Nov 30th - Dec 2nd 2021

World Nuclear Exhibition

We are currently exploring all opportunities to postpone WNE focusing on the 4th quarter of 2021 and we will be committed to preserving the key principles that have made WNE successful in the past and have constituted its DNA since 2014: the quality of its International audience, the business leads generation and the promotion of nuclear expertise and innovation .

We thank you for your support during this particularly hectic period and will get back to you very soon to inform you of the dates and location of the 4th edition of WNE.

Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 7.


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