WNF visited Spanish nuclear manufacturing company Ensa last week in Cantabria, Spain.

WNF members from C&P Engineering, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, JR Connections, Site Heat-Treatment Services and Teddington Engineered Solutions accompanied WNF Chair Peter Cornish and Welsh Government members Wyn Roberts and Richard James on the visit.

The visit provided our members with insight on Ensa, a nuclear manufacturing company that designs and manufactures fuel storage, transport and racks for fuel handling. Ensa employees have worked at nuclear power plants on task such as fuel handling, maintenance, decontamination and decommissioning via its Services Division.

Ensa is recognised in the Spanish nuclear industry for the quality of its products and high-tech manufacturing processes. Ensa also specialises in the manufacture of large components such as reactor vessels, reactor vessel cover heads and internals, steam generators, heat exchanges, casks for fuel storage and transportation and racks for fuel.

During their visit, Managing Director of Ensa Rafael Trivino and Vive President Business Developer Maria Vega provided our members with a presentation about Ensa, which introduced the company and explained its mission, vision and values.

Our members where then taken on a factory tour, where they observed work on high profile projects.

Ensa provided WNF with great hospitality and our members left with a great understanding of Ensa’s capabilities. WNF hopes to build a closer relationship with Ensa and go forward with mutual opportunities.

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