The developer of a nuclear site on Anglesey should resume work on the plant or sell it to someone who will, a group of MPs has said.

Work at Wylfa Newydd was suspended in January by Hitachi due to rising costs.

A report by the Welsh Affairs Committee says the UK government should encourage Hitachi to sell the site if it is not prepared to resume work.

Hitachi’s parent company Horizon said it was making progress. The UK Government has been asked to comment.

The report urges Hitachi to look into new financial projects to ensure the scheme progresses, or seek out companies to develop alternative low carbon energy projects.

“If Hitachi is not prepared to resume development of the site, the UK Government should encourage it to sell the site to another developer who might be willing to resume work,” it added.

‘Transformative role’

A Horizon spokesman said it was continuing to work with stakeholders and its main planning permission was being considered.

He said the project had the potential to “play a huge and transformative role for the local, regional and Welsh economy” and the company was taking the necessary steps to keep options open.

The report encouraged authorities to ensure other projects in north Wales were funded to fill the gap left by Wylfa Newydd, and to look at opportunities for its apprentices to work decommissioning the old Wylfa and Trawsfynydd sites to keep their skills in North Wales.

Committee chairman David TC Davies said: “The announcement that works would be suspended was a blow to local communities and the local economy.

“Our report calls for the UK Government to capitalise on these benefits by ensuring that a range of possible energy projects can be developed on the site.”

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