Technut Ltd is committed to making the oil and gas industry a safer place to work. Technut Ltd combines the collective experience and knowledge of its employees to create a unique approach that is guaranteed to enhance Asset Integrity Management systems.

Peter Nutty, founder of Technut Ltd, is an experienced consultant with 10 years of engineering experience and has worked on the new construction of Heysham and Torness nuclear power stations and also has also completed repairs and maintenance requirements on the existing Hinkley Point facility.

Nutty also has over 30 years experience as a senior asset integrity manager and certified functional safety professional responsible for risk reduction management working for major oil and gas operators on both upstream and downstream facilities worldwide.

Over the past 5 years, Technut Ltd has introduced digital 3D inspection models and high-quality and consistent  inspection data capture for critical components and provided support for Avitas Systems, BHGE Advanced Inspection Services, Advanced Analytics and GE Robotics. Technut Ltd are able to demonstrate state-of-the-heart, consistent and robust solutions for capture and visualization of inspection data that allows automatic change detection and defect recognition.

“Building on my experience in the oil & gas industry, I started Technut Ltd to accomplish a unique goal:  provide cost-effective reviews / audits of existing Asset Integrity Management systems using an approach that is completely unique to the industry. In doing so, I want to bring Process Safety & Asset Integrity Management knowledge and awareness to everyone involved. To-date, the results have been stunning!” Peter Nutty, C.Eng.

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