Innovation 100 Construction Wales is a major initiative to identify some of Wales’ most innovative companies across the construction and built environment sector, which will look at the supply chain in particular, in order to highlight the depth of the sector and its relevance to the future economic prosperity of the sector in Wales.

It has been long recognized by Welsh companies in the built environment that there are many innovations that are not always visible to companies going through the bidding process, or indeed through the design and construction phases of a project. As a result, solutions are brought from farther afield and ‘door step’ solutions are inadvertently bypassed, losing valuable business to Welsh innovative companies. Innovation 100 Construction Wales has been designed to recognize, celebrate and promote Welsh innovative products services and processes of construction and related supply chain companies across Wales. The ability to innovate is an essential linchpin for growing businesses, and the brand-new Innovation 100 Construction Wales in association with Construction Future Wales will recognize those who are investing in innovation to create value in their firms.

The campaign will showcase nominated companies through inspiring content via a digital campaign and a series of events and debates shining the spotlight on Wales’ most purpose driven construction companies and their businesses.

Innovation doesn’t need to be, and often isn’t, creating something new that doesn’t already exist. Especially in growing firms, it can be about adapting or amending existing solutions to create something new. It can be in the products, services or solutions taken to market or developed for customers. Equally, it can be the way a business is managed; or the processes and systems created or adapted which are innovative.  Bryan Hoare, Group Commercial Director at BE Group said: “Businesses can be quiet innovators, and we are challenging them to really come and shout about what they’re doing differently and how their innovation is making an impact across the construction sector in Wales and beyond. We want to celebrate and recognize the growth of innovation in the sector and more importantly encourage more of the same.” 

Any construction business based in Wales is eligible for this campaign.

Businesses that enter will be assessed by a small hand picked panel of experts. The panel will select businesses using a range of measures, including:

  • The percentage of the company’s turnover that’s invested in innovation and R&D

  • The percentage of the company’s turnover that comes from new products and service along with the percentage of cost reductions to internal processes that comes from innovative projects

  • The cultural side of innovation inside a company, demonstrated by how staff are incentive’s and rewarded for generating and implementing innovative ideas; a clear link between projects and targets for sales growth from new products or services and costs savings from internal process improvements; and how innovation is clearly linked to growth in business plans.


The innovators will be celebrated in an Innovation 100 Construction Wales Special Report.

The magazine will be distributed across Wales to key businesses, decision makers, stakeholders, politicians, business leaders, civil servants and investors nationally, as well as being available electronically with content potentially viewed across the world.

Featuring in the report will not only provide recognition for entrants but also act as a benchmark for funding, investment and other commercial opportunities to help the business to grow.

Businesses identified for their innovation will be assessed using transparent criteria by a small hand picked panel of experts and these Innovators will represent the best of the best; a truly inspirational group of businesses that will inspire others through their innovation activities in the sector.

To submit your entry for free, vist 

Entry closes 28th February 2019

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