WNF member’s Zulu Joint Integrity have had a great start to the year as they travelled to Italy to deliver European standard joint integrity training and assessment to their newest overseas client.

Zulu Joint Integrity is an established specialist joint integrity management services provider that has a proven track record of providing solutions to the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, steel and making and process industries.

Their European standard join integrity and training assessment that took part in Italy demonstrates that proving competency regarding mechanical joint integrity is a global concern in all types of industry, including the nuclear industry.

“We applaud all those companies that are taking the steps toward coaching, assessing and training their personnel with the underpinning knowledge required to correctly break containment and re-make bolted flange joints using best practice and industry guidelines”. Tiffany Brace, Zulu Joint Integrity.

Zulu Joint Integrity support all UK and foreign industries to help ensure a safe and timely, leak free start-up of plants.

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Tel: +44(0)800 022 33 54


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