Due the company’s dramatic growth, the Pembrokeshire-based company has completed the purchase of new premises at 1 Cleddau Bridge, Pembroke Dock, where they plan to move to into in March.
InSite provides technical consultancy, project management, design and engineering services and has expanded from six founding directors in 2014 to its current workforce of 80. The move is an important milestone for the company which spent its first four years in serviced offices at the Bridge Innovation Centre, an incubation hub for new businesses.
InSite compromises a combination of both full time and part time employees, supporting contractors and associates and operates both locally and internationally, supplying engineering design, technical consultancy and operational services to the oil, gas, metals, chemicals, renewables, technology licensing and financial industries.
“Due to our consistent growth over the past four years, we have outgrown our current premises,” says General Manager Jonathan Scarr. “The Bridge Innovation Centre has been great at leasing additional office space to accommodate our requirements, but we have certainly stretched the intent of the incubation hub set-up, and it is time to move into our own place and spread our wings. By moving out we will be freeing up office space in the building that will allow other start-ups and growing companies to flourish.”
In order to continue serving its clients and reduce impact on its workforce, it was critical for the company to move to a building close to its current location.
“The new premises are a mere stone’s throw away, so the location is ideal,” says Scarr. “The other major requirements were a modern purpose-built office building designed to a high specification, and sufficient space for future growth. Again, the premises over-performed on these criteria.”
In order to make the transition a smooth one, the company has created a steering committee that will plan both the refurbishment works to the new building and the actual relocation. The building is larger than InSite’s current required space, so they are also actively pursuing leasing arrangements.

“We are in talks with a company which would be a good cultural fit with ourselves, to lease some of the surplus space,” says Scarr, who sees great potential in the new location.

“The main opportunities created by the move are obviously more room to grow, but also a chance to re-affirm our own identity as a company. The opportunity to change the physical appearance and configuration of the office interior will benefit the existing workforce, potential recruits and visiting clients.”

Scarr adds that the company has only been able to arrive at this point because of the support provided by the Bridge Innovation Centre, which is run by Pembrokeshire County Council.

“The serviced office environment was invaluable when we started out as it cut out a lot of the bureaucracy that would have come with an independent office such as long-term tenancy agreement, utility bills, internet, facilities and so on.

“We were able to move into a small office immediately and focus on winning work and delivering to clients. As we expanded, the building management team and the Council have been incredibly accommodating in offering us the additional space that we required. Without the flexible incubation hub, we would have struggled to grow as much as we have since inception four years ago.”




Article from: https://wales247.co.uk/pembrokeshire-consultancy-expands-with-purchase-of-new-premises/

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