Minister to visit nuclear power plant as part of north wales growth deal tour

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A UK government minister is to visit the Trawsfynydd nuclear power plant in Gwynedd today as part of a two-day visit to the region to discuss proposals for a North Wales growth deal.

Stuart Andrew is expected to highlight the value of Small Modular Reactors to generate growth and create high value jobs across the UK following a visit to the nuclear power station power station.

Stuart Andrew will also highlight North Wales’ potential in developing solutions to cut the cost of energy and drive growth in a speech to energy leaders at the North Wales and Mersey Dee Energy & Clean Growth Summit.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Stuart Andrew said: “A growth deal in North Wales will transform the way the region is governed, bringing powers to a local level and using big ideas to unlock growth and better connect towns and cities, both within Wales and over the border.

“The landscape in North Wales lends itself perfectly to being a key player in the UK’s low-carbon energy future, and I encourage local leaders to consider its potential when formulating proposals for a bespoke deal that works for the whole of the region.

“As a naturally energy rich country, Wales’ landscape and natural resources have meant that we have been at the forefront of energy supply in the UK. Now we have the potential to build on this expertise, exploiting our resources to ensure Wales is at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon economy.

“The UK government has outlined an ambitious Clean Growth Strategy which demonstrates how the whole country can benefit from low carbon opportunities. The Industrial Strategy and the Clean Growth Grand Challenge support these ambitions by better linking up what we are doing in government with what we’d like to see industry doing.

“We recognise that the nuclear expertise in North Wales has the potential to revolutionise the economy, developing new opportunities for job creation. That’s why the UK government has already committed up to £56m for advanced nuclear technologies.”


Minister to visit nuclear power plant as part of North Wales Growth Deal tour

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