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The Wales Nuclear Forum is the leading pan-Wales forum, which provides a platform for strategic engagement between the energy industry and Welsh-based suppliers. 




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Established in 2017, the Wales Nuclear Forum  is the central place for anyone looking to remain aware of Nuclear industry news updates, projects and events.  Members also benefit from access and participation at regular forum meetings, compliance reports and essential training support.

Latest Updates

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Sellafield’s tallest stack cut down to size

The demolition of Sellafield's tallest stack is almost complete. All that remains of the First Generation Reprocessing Plant stack is a 9 metre stub. A painstaking 30-month project has removed 52 metres of the structure. The stack had to be demolished by hand because...

Euratom Exit Guide After Brexit

The Government has continued to prepare for our departure from the EU and Euratom. Although the Government’s preference is to leave with a deal, if it is not possible to reach a deal with the EU, then we will be leaving with no deal on 31 October. To support the civil...